Feral cats are abundant in the Roxby Downs region and can each kill up to 30 native animals a day. Medium-sized mammals between 35g and 5.5kg are the most susceptible to predation by both cats and foxes due to their size.

Research has shown that feral cats in the Roxby Downs region have preyed on 54 species of native vertebrates, including six mammals, 34 reptiles, 13 birds and one frog species. 

Cats and foxes were completely eradicated from the main 14km² exclosure in 1998 and from 60km² of the reserve in early 2001.

Over twenty permanent trap sites have been established around the boundary of the Reserve. Using audio, scent and sound lures with soft rubber foot-hold trap are set outside the perimeter fence of the reserve and checked daily by Arid Recovery staff and volunteers.

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