The un- crashed Bandicoots

Developer 2 (MM) - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It was a chilly morning Saturday 23rd June, and before the sun was up, the distinct twang of postie bikes was ringing out around Roxby Downs.  It was the start of the Roxby Downs Community Postie Bash and the bikes were lining up for scrutineering at 6:30am.  With brake lights flashing and horns beeping and a few final adjustments the bikes were given the all clear to ride.  A last minute challenge of carrying a spaghetti tin and egg to William Creek and back was proposed, and teams rushed to provide their egg with the most comfortable and cushioned of rides, rather than face the prospect of a $5 fine and loss of points.

With a wave of the chequered flag the bikes were off with a convoy of cars following.  Our hearts fell as a call came over the radio stating the Crash Bandicoots bike had stopped- we hadn’t even made it past the Reserve yet!  In a panic about what had happened mechanically to the bike, it was soon figured out that the fuel had run out.  With a $20 fine paid and a tank full of fuel we were off again.

Broken up into five legs, the trip to William Creek and back was shared by riders of all skills and ages, the team making up there without a crash or broken bone.  Egg and spoon races, tent building, riding through puddles and jaffa spitting (and eating out of the dirt) were all some of the challenges issues along the way to earn points for your team. 


By the final leg home Tim (the postie bike) was a little worn out, travelling a little slower than usual.  All teams made it back to Roxby safely, with the winners being the Teachers Pets team.  Nearly $50, 000.00 was raised by all teams, all of which is going back in to the local community.  We would like to thank everyone who supported us, and any of the other teams, it made for a great weekend.

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