Getting hands-on at Science Alive!

Admin Aridrecovery - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

With national science week wrapping up for another year, what better time to look back on the fun that was Science Alive! 


Bigger and better than ever, 2015 marked the event’s tenth anniversary, with a bustling crowd of 26,000 science enthusiasts over a massive three days. Hosting over 50 science-related organisations, you can’t help but be entranced by some of Australia’s hottest science and technology. Keen to get in on the action, Arid Recovery was surely never going to miss the chance to enviro-talk their way through the masses.

Watched over by Wodger the wedge-tailed eagle and bobby the burrowing bettong, the cosy stall was our most interactive yet. With few Australians (and even fewer children!) getting the chance to experience our vast arid interior, we brought the red sands and their stories down with us. Do you think you could guess what animals we share our lives with at Arid Recovery from just one touch? That is exactly what thousands of intrigued minds had the chance to try as they got hands-on with our fury friends. Hidden inside six boxes where the furs of an echidna, rabbit, greater stick-nest rat, cat, kangaroo, and dingo. With a few hints, many brave young scientists guessed correctly and learnt about some of the animals we help protect.  

Not to be outdone by some of the other innovative stalls at the expo, our digital 3D landscape gave everyone the chance to explore the home of our reintroduced burrowing bettongs. By clicking on the screen, visitors could try to find the warrens (burrows) of the native rabbit-sized kangaroo. This computer reconstruction of the arid landscape is part of new research into the ecology of Arid Recovery, but also helps us engage the public with their environment. So if you just can’t get enough of science, make sure to take your family to Science Alive 2016, or even better visit us for a tour

Written by Matt Bowie, Arid Recovery volunteer & University of Adelaide Honours student

Winners are grinners

Developer 2 (MM) - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some of you may remember the national Boodie call we ran last November and December with the assistance of Australian Geographic. The appeal raised a huge amount of money, over $46,000.00, to help support out Burrowing Bettongs, or Boodies as you may call them.

Australian Geographic recently held their annual conference, celebrating all aspects of their business, including a section for best fundraiser of the year. As a small way of saying thank you, Arid Recovery offered up the prize of a position for one lucky person to take part in our annual trapping program in February 2013. Volunteer positions for this busy week are often quickly snapped up, everyone jumping at the chance to take part in the longest running trapping event of its kind, getting up close and personal with the small native mammals and reptiles of the arid zone.

The Australian Geographic Southland store, Victoria was the winner, raising the most amount of money for the Boodie call of all Australian Geographic stores across the nation. The lucky person from the Southland store to be selected for the trip was Tanya. She said the endangered Burrowing Bettong was a creature a lot of Australians had never heard of. “The customers were very interested to hear about the Burrowing Bettong, most of them had never heard of him, and the reason why we were raising money for this little guy.”

Tanya is excited to fly up to Roxby Downs and take part in the week of trapping. She is pictured below with Ian Connellan, editor of Australian Geographic magazine and trustee of the Australian Geographic Society. The flag they are holding will come to Arid Recovery with Tanya for the first time, and will be taken on scientific trips around the world.


Prize winner Tanya from the Australian Geographic Southland store, and Ian Connellan, editor of the Australian Geographic magazine and trustee for the Australian Geographic Society.

Come make some poo at Science Alive!

Developer 2 (MM) - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Science is behind all that we do at the Arid Recovery Reserve and this weekend we get to share that with Adelaide and all of its science fans.

This weekend will see Arid Recovery taking part in Science Alive!, a huge science expo held to celebrate National Science Week which runs from 11-19 August. Science Alive offers a range of hands on fun for everyone, from children through to adults. There are presentations and booths from the local universities displaying their latest scientific feats, the science behind the food we eat, bugs and slugs, electric cars and more. Arid Recovery will be there, with scat making for the children to take home a memento of the day.

The Questacon Science Circus all the way from Canberra have also joined in the fun with over 50 interactive exhibits. There will also be animal shows and chemistry demonstrations that are sure to go off with a very loud bang!

We invite one and all to head on down to the Adelaide Showgrounds this weekend from 10-4pm Saturday and Sunday to enjoy all that science has to offer. Not all scientists wear white lab coats and goofy glasses, head on down and see where a science career might take you.

For more information on Science Alive! and other science events happening near you, check out the link below. 

Arid Recovery in Parliament

Developer 2 (MM) - Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It isn't too often you hear the Arid Recovery name mentioned in parliament.  Recently Senator Alex Gallacher travelled up to Roxby Downs for the official opening of the Roxby Downs Area School's new gym.  With a little time to spare he was eager to take a trip out to the reserve to understand how Arid Recovery works and what makes our arid lands so unique.

Within a couple of hours Alex and his reptile shy assistant Matthew had seen the far north reaches of the reserve, tested out a solar panelled cat trap, learnt a little about the flora and fauna found inside and out and of course had a close look at our fence.  Upon returning to Adelaide, Alex decided Arid Recovery and the conservation goals we are working towards was worthy of a mention in parliament.  To read a copy of the speech, simply click on the link below.

Link to: Arid Recovery in Parliament

AR gains more insight into outback community conservation activities

Developer 2 (MM) - Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Arid Recovery staff participated in the recent South Australian Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board's Arid Lands Community Forum at the Eldo Hotel, Woomera held on Wednesday 23rd June 2010.  

AR Pest Control Officer, Clint Taylor gave a great presentation on Arid Recovery and the community working together on outback pest control.  All staff agree that we learnt more about what was happening in outback communities to assist the restoration and conservation of our arid zone in areas of carbon footprints and the carbon credit system, carbon sequestration, livestock projects, and about other conservation projects.

We found having an Arid Recovery display was a valuable exercise giving us the opportunity to meet and talk with so many different people from our outback communities and to discover what they are doing towards sustainability and conservation.

We thank the NRM Board for the opportunity to attend.


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