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Developer 2 (MM) - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

With a number of fires sparked last weekend by lightning strikes and fire ban season already in action here in Roxby Downs, we thought it was time everyone had a refresher, ensuring their Bushfire Survival Plans were up to date and practiced.

Many of us dread the idea of a bushfire destroying our homes, erasing memories and cherished objects. Whilst you may not always be able to protect your home, you can always protect the most important things in your life- you and your family. Whilst many of us may think our plan is to “get out” when we hear there is a fire coming, a range of rash decisions can be made in the heat of the moment, some of which can be fatal.

A Bushfire Action Plan will ensure that everyone knows what to do and where to go in the case of an emergency. There are a range of different factors that must be considered when developing your Bushfire Action Plan, some of them may include:

  • Do we stay with our home, or do we get out early?
  • Will the plan be different for weekends and weekdays?
  • Different danger ratings, such as catastrophic or severe, may require different plans of action- what will they be?
  • Have you accounted for everyone? Grandparents, children at school and the family pets.

The Country Fire Service website has a range of tips to assist you with preparing a Bushfire Action Plan that will ensure the safety of your family.

With all the rain over the past years, the fuel loads in our area are quite high. We at Arid Recovery are preparing by clearing vegetation from the fence line, helping to establish fire breaks should a fire come close. Some areas south of the region have not entered their fire ban season yet, but they are encouraged to be careful. Controlled burns, or burning off at the start of the season, is a good way to reduce fuel loads should a fire pass through the area, but they can be dangerous. Ensure you notify your local CFS first, check and monitor weather conditions and always stay with the fire until burnt out, it could flare up and become disastrous.

Bushfire action week will be running from the 28th October to the 3rd of November to raise awareness of the coming fire season, and ensure everyone has an up to date action plan. For more information on developing your plan, or anything to do with bush fire prevention and control head to www.cfs.sa.gov.au .

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