It’s May so it must be Feral Cat Month!

Kylie Piper - Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Each year in May we have been celebrating - or should that be commiserating - feral cat month.

Feral cat month sprang from our work trying to control feral cats around the Arid Recovery Reserve, and the importance of highlighting the impact that feral cats can have on our native species.

We have just had a visit to the Arid Recovery Reserve from Gregory Andrews, the Threatened Species Commissioner, and much of the discussions had were about feral cat control.

Over the past few years we have blogged, posted and tweeted about cats and so to get this years’ feral cat month going we thought we would put some of our past efforts into one place for your reading pleasure and we will be sure to get some pics/videos and various other things over the next month for your viewing pleasure as well!

Feral cat fact sheet 

Feral facts – a resource for land owners

They eat what? 

CATastrophic impacts on the arid zone 

Cat on a leash 

The fight against ferals continues


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